Each week since 2008 you've been reading my wine recomendations in the Paula's Wines of the Week column for Mature Times but the person behind the bottles has remained slightly mysterious. But now you have a chance to meet me and taste wine at the same time in the first of a series of monthly online tastings held on the second Thursday of the month.

I'm starting with How To Taste Prosecco and Make Prosecco Cocktails on Thursday 9th December at 7pm. Designed to be a practical introduction to tasting wine and learning more about this famous fizz, the online tasting will show you how to taste wines the professional way and discover how Prosecco is made and why it's not Champagne.

We’ll all have a go at describing the wines we bring along online and then make some tasty Prosecco cocktails with strange names like Black Velvet and Buck’s Fizz – which isn’t actually named after the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest winners but they did get offered a lot of this orange juice and fizzy wine mix!

Online attendees will have to bring along their own bottle of Prosecco but the ticket cost of £14 covers one household rather than one person, so family and friends can get together on December 9th using just one computer to attend online. Tickets can be booked through the WineUncorked website at - just go to

where you’ll find more information on what to bring and how to get online. If you’re not sure what Prosecco to get in for the tasting then have a look at the wine reviews below - there’s even some rosé ones too that are available at all supermarkets.

Open to all, these monthly online wine tastings allow anyone with an interest in wine to taste and learn in a practical, fun and informal way with Paula from WineUncorked. You don’t need to have been on a wine tasting or wine course before or have any knowledge of wine.

Prosecco recommended by Paula of

Corte Molino Prosecco

£8.50 Co-op

three stars copy 150x30


Light and slightly sweet with apple flavours.


Colsaliz Barbameto Prosecco 2019

£13.95 Champagne and Chateaux

three stars copy 150x30


A pleasantly fruity fizz with flavours of apple and almond pie with a lift of floral notes. A good choice for sharing and celebrating.


Ca’Marina Prosecco

£12.99 Virgin Wines

three stars copy 150x30


This pale green lightly fizzy spumante Prosecco is floral and nutty with a honey on toast and crisp apple flavours. A nice Prosecco.


Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rosé

£9 Morrisons, Tesco

three stars copy 150x30


Another addition to the singer-actress branded wine range – the rosé Prosecco being added in April 2021. The bottle itself is a mastery of design with heart indents repeated all over. The wine inside has a good level of fizz with light lemon sherbet and apple flavours.


Aldi Organic Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry 2020

£7.99 Aldi

three stars copy 150x30


A pretty orangey-pink colour, this sparkling Italian Prosecco is a rosé version with sweet strawberry and lemon aromas followed with apple and grapefruit flavours. Lightly fizzy.

grapes white on red 180Wine-specific information now has a new home at The website is designed to bring you wine reviews and tips in a simple, straightforward way - not just WineUncorked but uncomplicated and understandable, too.

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