The best ginger icecream ever

This is an icecream that needs to be eaten naked – wafers or maple syrup toppings would be an unwelcome distraction when savouring this dish. After three generous spoonfuls of Criterion Ices Stem Ginger icecream my throat felt pleasingly on fire.

Every mouthful of smooth vanilla icecream came laced with several ha’penny-sized chunks of preserved ginger. Initially creamy with just a hint of sweetness, a layer of peppery hotness is added after biting into the inevitable chunk of green ginger. 

This Gold Award (Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards 2007) winning icecream can be bought from local delicatessens and farm shops for about £4 for a 500ml tub­. Stockist details can be found at

The rest of the Criterion Ices range includes some firm British favourites and more unusual lip-smacking flavours:

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Update 01/08/07

Last week I spotted Sabrina Eldredge was asking for entries into her American yumsugar For The Love Of Ice Cream blog. My Criterion Ices The best ginger icecream ever writeup was the tenth of 26 entries. Sabrina emailed to let me know "that ice cream sounds amazing! I'll have to track it down". I'll see if I can get a tub sent over - without melting.