Become a bit of a sweetie

Tangerine Confectionery’s new range of Princess Little Delights were the perfect excuse for some well-earned solo indulgence. 

Fifty-seven calories and tasting of condensed milk, each square of Crumbly Fudge satisfyingly gummed up my teeth preventing me from broadcasting the news that a sweet packet had been opened. Rather than over indulging on fudge and ruining my appetite, I started on a packet of Chocolate Creams instead.

Garishly green, the foil-wrapped Peppermint Chocolate Creams reminded me of the sweets I always tried to avoid when handed a tin of Quality Street.  But biting into the fondant revealed a pleasingly peppermint-toothpaste tasting filling that coated my palate.

I was by now almost all sugared-out, so I opted to sniff my way slowly in. The sweet chocolate smells wafting out of the newly opened bag of assorted tangerine, lemon and strawberry Fruit Chocolate Creams almost made me forget to taste them … almost. The natural oils and flavours in their fondant fillings made these sweets enjoyably fruity.

Fancy some for yourself? Then take a trip to your local Woolworths, Morrisons, Co-op, Waitrose or Spa. At 99p they’re a bargain.