You can't go to work on an egg

The British Egg Information Service’s plan to resurrect their fifty year-old advice to “go to work on an egg” has been stopped by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre. It seems suggesting eating an egg everyday for breakfast breaks Ofcom advertisement rules on promoting a varied diet.

Offers by the British Egg Information Service to add a line to the original adverts saying that eggs should be eaten as part of a varied diet were rejected. The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre defended their decision by explaining eating an egg a day wouldn’t cause any harm, but that it "should be served with fruit juice or toast".

I may be a confirmed Marmite-toast breakfast eater, but I’ve nothing against those who need their five-minute boiled egg every morning. Banning the re-run of the ads strikes me as a lost opportunity. Surely it’s better to promote eating any type of breakfast at all in an age where many go to work on just a coffee.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about visit Go to work on an egg and watch the great Brummy comedian Tony Hancock in eight of his original series of advertisements for the then British Egg Marketing Board.