barbecueMy home-baking enthusiasm was squashed when, opening the kitchen cupboard after watching Škoda’s new cake-car advert, I discovered there wasn’t the 100kg of flour and sugar required to make my own full-sized cake Fabia. Not to be put off, I fired up the sainsburystoyou website and started shopping for ingredients.

eggs and butterBudget ingredients seemed appropriate to make the basic 1.2-litre Fabia 1 sponge cake. Even then, the £220.08 bill for the 42kg of chocolate fudge came out a bit steep. Clicking on the remaining half-tonne of cake-car necessities including 20kg of raisins, 28 jars of raspberry jam and 180 eggs, brought the total for that day’s shopping to £1069 and 58p.

A car cake-making dilemma then had to be faced. Did I shelve out another fiver and get it all delivered?

Before making that decision I got Sainsbury’s to quote on an organic cake Fabia - £2850.27 - a bargain compared to the steel version at £7990.

Savings of over five grand weren’t enough to keep me from copping out and hitting delete. Be sensible, where was this new cake-car going to live when I’d baked it? I haven’t got a garage so it would just go soggy.

Instead, I've decided to bake a normal-sized cake once a week for the next 8 years. No garage required.


Tangerine Confectionery’s new range of Princess Little Delights were the perfect excuse for some well-earned solo indulgence.