wine pourDespite the recent duty increase on wine there are still some good bottles to be found that cost the same as a couple of National Lottery tickets. The £3.99 and under price range is dominated by German wines and 3-litre boxes, where you pay more upfront but the equivalent bottle price is always less than you'd pay for a separate 75cl glass bottle.

Sainsburys NiersteinerSainsbury's Niersteiner Gutes Domtal, £2.99 Sainsbury's
Many German wines taste overly sweet and unbalanced without the necessary citrusy and floral flavours that make a white wine refreshing. But this low alcohol (only 9.5% alcohol by volume) blend of German grape varieties tastes smoothly of lemon and orange blossom. A good match with Chinese food.

Asda Soave 3-litre box (holds four bottles of wine), £10.74 Asda – equivalent to £2.68 a bottle.
If you want a reliable white that goes with almost any food, and you've got space in your fridge, then consider getting in this 3-litre box. The Italian grape variety mix of Garganega and Trebbiano, with a bit of Chardonnay thrown in, make this light wine taste crisply of apples, lemons and lychees. All this for under three quid a bottle.

Babycham Sparkling Perry, £2.04 Asda, £2.98 for 4x200ml bottles Tesco
Made with pears rather than grapes Babycham isn't a wine, but if you covered up the label many people would say it was. Light, fruity and sweet with a slight fizz, this makes a very acceptable low alcohol alternative (just 5.5%) to the many white wines now available with an excessive 13% alcohol by volume.