Roll out the port

Stilton cheeseStilton is one of those cheeses you either love or hate. Looking rather too much like a cheese that's been left at the back of the fridge too long, it's blue veins will either inspire fear or a reverential delight. If it's only the smell that puts you off then you'll have no problems entering this May Day's Stilton Cheese Rolling Championships taking place in Stilton, the Cambridgeshire village that made the cheese famous.

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Think cake, think beer

Manns Brown Ale XmasDecember's recipe ingredient favourites of rum soaked raisins, thick almond marzipan and rich royal icing need matching with an alcoholic beverage of equally tasty proportions capable of standing up to their intensely rich flavours. Sweet sherry, Marsala or sugar-laden dessert wines will certainly match Christmas cake and other seasonal puddings, but if you're looking for something a little bit different why not get in some premium bottled beers instead?

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Have you won Black Magic's new range of dark chocolates?

Black MagicThanks to all all readers who entered the Win Black Magic's new range of dark chocolates competition. This competition has now closed.

Take a look to see if your name is among the 10 winners to receive Black Magic's complete new range of chocolates including the Dark Chocolate Collection, Dark Discovery, Dark Chocolate Thins and Black Magic bars. If your name isn't listed, don't despair - why not enter my new competition to win red, white and sparkling wine from Jacob's Creek.

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Win Black Magic's new range of dark chocolates

Black Magic barsWant to taste the complete range of Black Magic's new deliciously indulgent dark chocolates? And let your palate explore the mellow, creamier taste of Black Magic Dark Chocolate Collection with its almost bitter-free dark chocolate coating and mocha truffle, amaretto crunch and orange zest fillings? Then enter my competition and win one of 10 sets of Black Magic's complete new range of chocolates.


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Job Alert: Chocolate taster required

messy babyHave you got what it takes to be an official chocolate taster? Black Magic needs eight new chocolate tasters from across the country. They are looking for someone who likes dark chocolate but who doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge dark chocolate fan. The chosen eight will be the first people to try out Black Magic's new chocolate products and their opinions will help develop further flavours and taste sensations. To apply to be an Official Black Magic Chocolate Taster explain in no more than 50 words why you think you should be given the role. Closing date 23rd November 2007.

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Musical stoves

Sonic stove Powered by sound, a revolutionary combined stove, fridge and generator could help reduce poverty and have a huge impact on the lives of people in the world’s poorest communities. SCORE – a Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity - first converts the heat from burning wood, coke or dried cow dung into sound waves, these are then used to power the three-in-one device.

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Eating five-a-day made easy

Hawkin's BazaarEating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day just got easier. If, like me, you find it difficult to find new and interesting ways with fruit and vegetables each and every day, then Hawkin's Bazaar ready-to-eat punnets of mushrooms and miniature hessian sacks filled with French potatoes may be of interest.

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British holidaymakers must have cheese and Marmite

cheeseIt seems we Brits take the contents of the kitchen cupboard with us when we go on holiday. A survey of over 1,000 British holidaymakers found that an extra suitcase was required to pack a jar of Marmite (which could be the traditional glass or new up-side down Squeeze Me jar), cheese, peanut butter, lemons and garlic crushers. Surprisingly, no one reported taking garlic bulbs with them.

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Dressing down

saladMatching wine to a lettuce and herb salad, whose only coating is a grind of salt and pepper, is easy - almost any white or light red wine will go. Finding a wine for a salad dressed in oil or vinegar is a little more difficult.

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The best ginger icecream ever

Ginger IcecreamThis is an icecream that needs to be eaten naked – wafers or maple syrup toppings would be an unwelcome distraction when savouring this dish. After three generous spoonfuls of Criterion Ices Stem Ginger icecream my throat felt pleasingly on fire.

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