Worcestershire Sauce - or is it?

Geo organics labelGeo Organics has launched its own organic and vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce made to a ‘new recipe’ that doesn’t include the traditional ingredient anchovy. Can a Worcestershire Sauce be called Worcestershire Sauce without containing anchovy – fermented flesh, bones and all?

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Come on the reds

choc cakeLet’s drink to polyphenols, and eat to them too. You can read about the benefits of polyphenols found in red wine in my column on But some foods contain these chemicals too. If you want to have a go at making a polyphenol-rich chocolate, walnut, cinnamon and fruit-laced sponge cake, then try this Gary Rhodes recipe I’ve adapted.

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Flour boost Down Under

flourAustralian and New Zealand bread-flour will be fortified with folic acid within two years it was announced today (June 22). Adding 200-300 micrograms of folic acid per 100g of flour is expected to prevent between 14 and 49 neural tube defects in Australian unborn babies each year.

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You can't go to work on an egg

eggsThe British Egg Information Service’s plan to resurrect their fifty year-old advice to “go to work on an egg” has been stopped by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre. It seems suggesting eating an egg everyday for breakfast breaks Ofcom advertisement rules on promoting a varied diet.

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The best dessert ever

The hazelnut meringue came with embarrassed apologies. It was late and Michael, the chef at The Poolway House Hotel in Coleford, was reluctant to let such a cracked and crumbled meringue leave the kitchen.

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Have your car and eat it

Fabia cake mixMy home-baking enthusiasm was squashed when, opening the kitchen cupboard after watching Škoda’s new cake-car advert, I discovered there wasn’t the 100kg of flour and sugar required to make my own full-sized cake Fabia. Not to be put off, I fired up the sainsburystoyou website and started shopping for ingredients.

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Become a bit of a sweetie

Princess ChocolatesTangerine Confectionery’s new range of Princess Little Delights were the perfect excuse for some well-earned solo indulgence. 

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