Co-op wines of the week

Coop logoTest out some of the bargains from the Co-op listed below. Including a red wine that tastes like a tomato and the Bargain of the Week.

PG Wine Tips

Wolfhouse Romanian Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

2 for £8 (down from £4.99 until April 19th)

This wine has got to be one of the strangest I have ever tasted, and still be enjoyable. You’d normally expect blackberry flavours from a Cabernet Sauvignon but this red wine tastes unexpectedly of tomato and strawberry. With a bit of dark choc and black pepper thrown in. Dark, fruity and vegetably – all in one glass. Strange.

Wolfhouse Romanian Chardonnay 2010

2 for £8 (down from £4.99 until April 19th)

A light Chardonnay with creamy apple and bubblegum flavours. There’s a slight spritz to this wine which makes it quite fun to drink.

Coop MalbecCo-op Fairtrade Argentine Bonarda Shiraz


Why does the Co-op sell anyone else’s wine when theirs is so good? This own-label red not only tastes wonderfully of blackcherry and marzipan, it’s also stonking value at only £4.49. Bargain of the Week.

Bellingham South African Chardonnay with a splash of Viognier

£5.75 (down from £7.50 until April 19)

The splash of Viognier adds tangerine flavours to the usual toasty apple and coconut flavours of a warm climate Chardonnay. Unusual.

Coop white wineCo-op Fairtrade Argentine Pinot Grigio 2010


More flavourful than your usual Pinot Grigio, this fair-trade version has long-lasting pear drops, apricot and banana flavours. Good match to fish curry.