tongueIf these weekly columns have inspired you to organise your own wine tasting at home, then you'll need to get some kit together. Buy yourself some large wine glasses (cheap supermarket ones will do) for capturing any wine aromas released when the wine is swirled prior to sniffing and tasting. And to help you keep track of all the wines you taste why not use my free wine tasting sheet available from here.

There’s space to record the wine colour (red, white or rosé) as well as where you bought it and for how much. It’s also useful to keep a note of what the bottle label says so that if you like the wine you’ll have a good chance of finding exactly the same, or a similar type, again.

swirling wineThe tasting sheet also has space to record the grape varieties used in the wine – these will be displayed on the label, unless it's French, when these will be hidden from you, because you shouldn't need to ask should you? A white Burgundy will be made from Chardonnay grapes, a red Burgundy from Pinot Noir, and Bordeaux reds (or as we English like to call them, Clarets), will be a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Once you’ve written all that down you’ll finally pour the wine. Give it a sniff so you can make a note of its aroma and then sip and taste. There are no right or wrong words for the aroma and taste – write down whatever you think the wine smells and tastes of even if that's home-made custard or Persil washing up liquid.

Not sure what wines to get for the tasting? Then try these aroma-friendly and tasty wines.

PG Wine Reviews

Quirky Bird South African Shiraz Mouvedre Viognier 2016

£5.25 Tesco

Great value wine and it's something to write home about on the tasting sheet – a red wine blend that's got some white added in too. The result is a wine that tastes of blackberry and toffee.

Hardys Stamp Cabernet MerlotHardys Stamp Australian Cabernet Merlot 2016

£6.50 Tesco (or part of their 2 for £9 offer until March 13)

Blackcurrant compote flavours.

Peter Yealands New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2016

£6.99 Co-op (down from £9.35 until February 28)

So fresh tasting you'd think you were drinking fruit juice. Flavours of green apple, gooseberry and pineapple with just a little bit of fennel.

Zalze Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2015, South Africa

£7.99 Co-op (down from £8.99 until February 28)

Tastes like a Key Lime pie.

McGuigan Reserve Merlot 2016, Australia

£8 Sainsbury's

Reliable branded wine with a reliable soft and fruity flavour. Creamy damson, cherry and coffee flavours with a dash of violets for added depth.

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