A quiet night in for Will and Kate

wedding cake coupleIt's Will and Kate’s wedding next Friday and after a busy couple of weeks organising things, the happy royal couple surely deserve a quiet night in alone on the 29th.

But wedding celebrations need attention to detail if they're going to be successful. So a suitable meal must be ordered (perhaps Buck House kitchens could recreate The Queen’s original 1947 Wedding Breakfast of Dover Sole starter, then partridge and Salade Royale?) and matching wines found.

champagne topBut the prince and future queen have decided on one wine, the champagne. Orders have been given to the Yeoman of the Royal Cellars that Pol Roger is to be used to toast the newlyweds.

May I suggest that if The Royal Household were to support local businesses and shop locally the future queen could not only save herself a packet but get herself the best tasting and value champagne north of the Thames. The creamy hazelnut and sherbet tasting Marquis Belrive champagne available at her local Spar shop on Haymarket for £14.99 (down from £19.99 after Thursday) makes this a royal and commoner essential. If necessary Will could nip out the back of Buckingham Palace and be back within ten minutes.

winebox tapUnfortunately The Royal Household is not going to let Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their wedding meal without a lot of fuss, tureens and needless fish knives. This is all going to create quite a bit of washing up, the thought of which can dampen any romantic evening.

How about sending Will out with a picture of grandma to get a takeaway? Get in the perfect takeaway meal wine partner of a 3-litre box of Sainsbury's House Cotes du Rhone (£15.29 for 4-bottles worth, equivalent to £3.82 a bottle) and the push button dispensing plastic tap will eliminate the need for a wine waiter too – the perfect quiet night in.