FishEye wineboxIf you really like a certain wine, rather than buying it in single cork-stoppered bottles why not get larger four bottle-sized amounts available in boxes? But if stepping along to the supermarket seems like too much of a chilly effort then try the online winebox retailer because they’re offering free delivery during February.

There are advantages to buying wine in a winebox.

wine tapAs the wine is dispensed through a plastic tap all the annoyance of the cork is removed: no more tainted 'corked' wine (this spoils at least one in ten bottles due to improperly sterilised corks) and no more chasing around bits of broken cork that always sink when the index finger sent in to oik them out gets anywhere near them.

Partially consumed winebox wine remains fresh and unoxidised for up to six weeks. As the plastic bag concealed within the cardboard box empties the pressure of the remaining wine stops air entering the tap. For single glass consumers of wine this is a huge bonus. If you've tried to keep a partially drunk conventional bottle of wine you'll know it will become tasteless and oxidised within a couple of days.

Inspired Wine boxes contain all the usual red and white grape varieties from known, and less well-known, producers starting at £21.95 for 3-litres (equivalent bottle price of £5.49) going up to £29.95 (equivalent bottle price of £7.49).

Which means they aren’t the cheapest wines around. And buying four-bottles worth at one go means you’d better like the wine inside or it’s all rather a waste of money.

So what are their wines like? And are they good value?

PG Reviews Wineboxes

Block White wineboxBlock White Australian Chardonnay

£23.95 (equivalent price £5.49/75cl)

A simple Aussie Chardonnay that tastes of creamy apple pie and custard.

Block Red Australian Shiraz

£23.95 (equivalent price £5.49/75cl)

A quaffable everyday red that tastes of purple fruit pastilles.

Big Green pepperwood Grove wineboxPepperwood Grove Californian Sauvignon Blanc

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

This is a Sauvignon Blanc for people who don’t like Sauvignon Blanc because unusually it doesn’t taste of gooseberry but rather of tinned pineapple and apple. If you covered up the label you’d think you were drinking a quaffable Chardonnay or a blended white. A versatile wine but a bit expensive for what it is.

Pepperwood Grove Californian Old Vine Zinfandel

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

The red version is worth the money: deeply fruity and aromatic simultaneously. Expect tastes of blackberry, liquorice and rosewater.

Fish Eye Australian Pinot Grigio

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

Don’t serve this wine too cool or you’ll miss the array of buttery pineapple, peach, pear, coconut and light lemon flavours. Pretty good stuff.

FishEye Riesling wineboxFish Eye Australian Riesling

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

It may be a Riesling but it tastes like a light cider: apple, pear, gooseberry, pineapple and honey. Refreshing.

Fish Eye Australian Merlot

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

Like a light Black Forest gateau.

Fish Eye Australian Shiraz

£25.95 (equivalent price £6.49/75cl)

Cocoa and blackberry crumble flavours with an astringent edge. Which means it goes well food as it cuts through rich flavours. Good value.

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