WineFind appSupermarket wine aisles can be lonely places. And pretty intimidating too when you’re the only person there, which seems so often the case. So when you need some wine and food matching advice who you gonna call? Not Dan Ackroyd in a 1980s film with a catch phrase that won’t leave the head, but Wine Find, a wine and food matching app on your mobile phone.

iPhoneDesigned to work with an iPhone, (and iPods and iPads if you have them) this download is available from iTunes for just 69p. Which seems like pretty good value when you consider it’ll tell you what wine matches many types of food, and alternatively, what foods match certain wines.

Well that seems simple enough, and its Customer Reviews would agree, giving it a four or five star rating on the iPhone rating system. Which sounds great if you go along with the view that all online reviews are written objectively and by customers (and I’m sure they are, well perhaps not always, try Googling ‘Amazon review system’) but if you want further reassurance then the fact the Wine Find app is written by a University College Birmingham lecturer might.

So it’s been written from a British viewpoint for the UK wine market. Which makes a refreshing change when you realise that the majority of wine apps are America-centred: if you choose the wrong app then all the wine choices suggested will unhelpfully be priced in dollars or unavailable in the supermarket wine aisle you’re currently standing in.

Wine Tax appBut before you get as far as paying for that perfect wine match to tonight’s lamb casserole then try another iPhone wine app, free this time – the UK Wine Tax Calculator – and discover how much of the stated price goes straight to the tax man. You might want to buy a cheaper bottle after that.

PG Wine Tips

If you don’t own an iPhone app then why not print off my weekly wine suggestions and let them help out during the supermarket shop.

£5.99 and under

There are a few fruity, slurpable wines among the forgettable masses.

Aldi Estevez Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere


A new addition to Aldi’s core wine range, this hearty red offers a roller-coaster of a taste experience: starting with smooth cherry flavours followed by mouth-watering tartness and ending with a slight burnt edge. Good though.

McGuigan whiteMcGuigan Classic Australian Semillon Blanc 2011

£5.32 Sainsbury’s (down from £7.99 until October 16)

Lemon and lime flavours with a hint of apple. Drink when you need refreshment.

Costs a bit more, but tastes great

Sometimes a bottle of wine tastes so fab it's still a bargain whatever it costs.

Tesco Finest French Grenache Marsanne 2010


This full-bodied white tastes more like a white port than a table wine designed to match roast chicken. Full of peach and almond flavours.

Errazuriz Chilean Sangiovese Reserva 2010

£8.79 Tesco

Flavours of cherry, liquorice and cocoa. And then some vanilla and apples follows on after a while. A good slurper.

Errazuriz Chilean Carmenere Reserva 2010

£9.99 Majestic (buy 2+ at £7.99)

Damson, blackberry and cherry chocolate liqueur flavours but with a sharp edge. I matched it to haddock and chips but traditional wine advice would suggest match to red meat.

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