BBC 2 logoPretending to be Jilly Goolden, of BBC2's long running Food and Drink programme, while swirling and sniffing the contents of each wine glass is half the fun of wine appreciation. But sometimes, I admit it, I need help identifying a wine’s aromas. Just because someone tells you they smell and taste wines for a living it doesn’t make their judgement infallible.

swirling wineHowever tempting the aroma of pear with a hint of freshly picked broccoli might be, my tasting companion identified the smell that hangs around in the kitchen after you’ve boiled greens and a definite edge of carpet glue. Who was right?

We couldn’t even compare our judgements against the tasting notes on the bottle label because there wasn’t any, only an assurance that the wine was ‘made from grapes in conversion to organic agriculture’.

But we did agree that Cono Sur’s Chilean Chardonnay 2007 (on offer at £6.99 until July 28th) was an acquired taste.

Because although a lot of waffle accompanies wine tasting, the only thing that matters is do you actually like the wine. If the answer is no, you'll know not to buy that certain grape variety or wines from that specific region again. That’s what you tasted the wine to find out.

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