Zenit wineLidl's new wine selection are now in-store – here are a few to get you started.

Le Lys Mystique, French Blanc Sec 2015
£6.49 Lidl
Look for the dumpy shaped bottle and inside you'll find creamy flavours of apple and melon.

Val de Salis French Chardonnay 2015
£5.99 Lidl
Aromas and flavours of tinned pears along with apples and almonds. Match to Thai coconut fish curry.

Chateau GuyonTornal Hungarian Zenit 2016
£5.99 Lidl
Lovely light lemon and melon flavours which are best enjoyed at least an hour out of the fridge. Don't serve too cold or you'll miss all the fruitiness.

Chateau la Croix Haute French rosé
£5.99 Lidl
Think light red rather than rosé with its redcurrant and almond flavours.

Cimarosa Chilean Limited Edition Carmenere 2015
£6.99 Lidl
Quite a bit going on here with smoky cherry and blackberry flavours plus some liquorice and chocolate just for fun.

Vin de Bordeaux Chateau Guyon la Roseraie 2015
£5.99 Lidl
A light red but with enough backbone to keep up with a plate of nosh.

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