A taste of remembrance

Battlefield Wines labelZesty gooseberry for the white and digestive biscuit topped with strawberry jam flavours for the red would normally be good enough but combine that with an act of remembrance and the result is the satisfying Battlefield Wines range. Because when you buy these wines not only are you getting interesting South African wines but donating all post-tax sale profits to the Royal British Legion.

On sale at Sainsbury’s for £9.99, the white Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon red blend are the creation of South Africa’s First Cape Wines and Red Lion Foods, a UK food company that donates its profits to armed forces charities.

The resulting two relatively low alcohol wines with refreshing fruity flavours are just not what you would normally expect from South African wines.

Heady 13 or 14% alcohol by volume is not unusual in wines from this hot country, where all grapes can expect to ripen to full, and over, ripeness resulting in sugar-laden grape juice which turns into lots of alcohol when yeast is added.

Battlefield Wines redBut Battlefield Wines have stayed within the drinkable 11.5 to 12.5% alcohol range – which helps keep the whole flavour-mouth feel combination on the light and fruity side.

And there’s no sign of that dreaded burnt rubber flavour.

This ‘off’ flavour has blighted many South African wines, to the utter incomprehension of South African wine makers who could not only not taste it but could not fully understand where in the wine making process it came from.

Since The Great Cape Wine Debate in 2008, when some defensive-looking South African wine makers admitted to a bunch of UK wine journalists that possibly their ‘high yielding, highly alcoholic wines’ could exhibit a burnt rubber flavour, South Africa has started producing fresher, fruitier wines but still with pretty high levels of alcohol.

But First Cape’s Battlefield Wines have avoided this.

The result is fruity, quaffable wines which satisfies both mouth and morals.

PG Wine Tips

Battlefield Wines are available at Sainsbury’s for £9.99

Battlefield Wines whiteBattlefield Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Strong aromas but light flavours, expect bubblegum & coconut on the nose followed by zesty gooseberry and cut grass flavours.

Battlefield Wines Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Fruit pastille aromas followed by those digestive biscuit and strawberry jam flavours.

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