man on mobile‘Mayday! Mayday!’ is the cry of this week’s supermarket shopper. No, they haven’t confused the date but are crying out in distress hunting for wine bargains. Because this pre Jubilee, Father’s Day and Wimbledon time slot has stifled the marketing men’s natural instincts to peg wine offers to national celebrations, outside temperatures or stereotypical drinking styles. But look closely within the disparate, and desperate, lot of supermarket wine offers and the odd tasty bargain can be found.

At the Co-op

Ending tomorrow, 22 May

Co-op Premium ShirazCo-op’s extremely tasty Premium wine range is down £1.50-£2 a bottle, and boy are they worth it:

£6.49 Mendoza Malbec down from £8.49
£7.49 Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir down from £8.99
£6.99 Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc down from £8.49
£6.99 Mount Barker Shiraz down from £7.99
£5.99 Valpolicella Ripasso down from £7.99

Starting Wednesday 23 May at the Co-op

These reliable everyday drinkers from Portugal are good value at under a fiver:

£4.45 Stork’s Landing Fenao Pires Chardonnay down from £8.99
£4.45 Stork’s Landing Pinot Noir Shiraz down from £8.99

At Tesco

Ending tomorrow, 22 May

Piccini MemoroReviewed previously and still tops for taste:

£5.29 Piccini Chianti Reserva down from £6.29
£6.49 Piccini Memoro down from £9.49

Starting Wednesday 23 May at Tesco

£5.99 Piccini Supertuscan down from £8.99

At Sainsbury’s

Starting Wednesday 23 May

Bags of reliable fruity flavours from the Wolf Blass ‘everyday’ colour label:

£5 Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay Semillon down from £8.29
£5 Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon down from £8.29

Why JP Chenet still thinks having a deliberately wonky-topped wine bottle is marketing pull is a mystery but fortunately the wine inside is very gluggable:

£4.49 JP Chenet Colombard Chardonnay down from £5.99
£4.49 JP Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah down from £5.99

At Morrisons

Yali roseAlways well-made with bags of flavour:

£5.99 Yali Sauvignon Blanc Reserve down from £7.99

3-litre winebox of JP Chenet white works out at the equivalent price of £3.75 a bottle:

£14.99 JP Chenet Colombard Chardonnay 3-litre winebox down from £16.99

At Asda

More JP Chenet on offer, it’s almost as if it were planned...

£4.50 JP Chenet Colombard Sauvignon Blanc down from £6.33
£4.50 JP Chenet Grenache down from £6.33
£4.50 JP Chenet Cinsault Rose down from £6.27

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