Maynard's Aged TawnyIf you want a similar flavour and experience to Croft's 1991 Vintage Port but at a sixth of the price then look no further than Maynard's ports on special offer this Christmas at Aldi. Maynard's Late Bottled Vintage 2007 is selling at £8.99 and the 10 years old Aged Tawny is a pound more at £9.99, but only while stocks last. And they won't last long because both ports have my vote as Bargains of the Week.

Unlike a Vintage port, which is bottled after two years and lives all of its life in a bottle, a Late Bottled Vintage (also known as LBV) spends five or six years in a large wooden vat (which exposes the port's surface area to small quantities of air which a sealed bottle won't allow) and so when it's bottled it's already slightly oxidised and so is much more mature. Plus it also goes through a process of cold stabilisation (chilling the port to near freezing temperatures just prior to bottling) which removes all the sediment and means you don't have to decant it.

A Tawny port is aged in wood barrels for five years which not only lightens the colour (to tawny) but it also means it throws a deposit of the same sediment seen in Vintage port. This deposit of the chemicals that make up the wines lightened colours can be removed and so a Tawny port won't need decanting either. Maynard's 10 years old Aged Tawny is a blend of Tawny ports that on average have spent 10 years in wood.

Aldi is selling only two ports from Maynard's range. This new brand on the port scene also makes a 20 years old Tawny, a Ruby (aged for three years, the shortest period within the port categories), a Reserve (a superior Ruby that gets a couple more years of barrel ageing) and also declares its own Vintages. The 2007 Vintage, along with the rest of the range, can be found at Wines Unfurled.

Paula's Bargains of the Week

Maynard's 2007Maynard's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2007

£8.99 Aldi

Aromas of damson, plum, black cherry and fruit cake. The flavours are fruity and rich: deep damson, dried cherry, dark chocolate and black pepper. An ideal after dinner slurp.

Maynard's 10 years old Aged Tawny Port

£9.99 Aldi

Aromas of toffee, raisins and nuts with some strawberry fruitiness. The flavours are light and fruity and reminiscent of a dry Marsala or a sweetened Fino sherry. An ideal aperitif.

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