Chardonnay and chips

fish and chipsMatching South African Journey’s End Chardonnay with a plate of battered haddock, hash browns, onion rings and some token peas proved a good choice – an evening filled with guzzling and munching followed.

The glossy-yellow of the Stellenbosch Destination Chardonnay matched the treacle tones of the battered meal and awakened the signals from eye to stomach. A hard choice followed – drink or food first? The wine won. A lemon sherbet-dab tingle moved across my tongue, soon followed by a warming sensation as the 14% alcohol by volume moved downwards. The wine’s buttery pineapple and gala melon flavours didn’t overpower the creamy-haddock – both could be enjoyed and tasted to the full.

Journey’s End’s £20.99 mellowness should prove pleasing to most people. But its price won’t. Two bottles of £8.99 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a 3-litre box of Soave would give longer-lasting value, but not the buttery flavours. These are developed by aging the Chardonnay ‘sur-lie’ in pricey oak barrels for two months followed by another eight months barrel maturation off the used yeast cells before bottling.

Aldi Pinot GrigioThe choice is yours – do you want to pay over twenty quid for a bit of oak aging?

For everyday drinking I opt for fresh and fruity cheap high-volume wines, the expensively-made mellow Journey’s End wines are saved as end-of-week treats.

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Their wines are available from the online wine supplier SA Wines ‘the home of fine South African Wine in the UK’.

PG Wine Review

Journey’s End Destination Chardonnay 2010

£20.99 SA Wines Online

Its baked pineapple and Brazil nut aromas are complemented by its melon and buttery pineapple flavours. The combination is saved from being sickly by the addition of a zingy lemon edge.

Journey’s End Destination Chardonnay 2011

£20.99 SA Wines Online

This slightly younger version tastes a whole lot fresher with its smooth peach and lemon flavours.

Journeys End ChardonnayJourney’s End Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2010

£15.79 SA Wines Online

Crisp lemon mixed with ripe peach and creamy oak flavours.

Journey’s End Haystack Chardonnay 2011

£10.99 SA Wines Online

This Chardonnay may be half the price but it still offers refined drinking. Flavours of butter, Brazil buts and lime make this a lighter choice than the 2010.

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