Barbecue whites

Barbecue man with womenBarbecued red meat and robustly-flavoured red wines are well matched. But where are we white wine drinkers in this mass of red? The lighter tasting flavours of white wines go well with barbecued fish, chicken, vegetable kebabs and salads.

These foods will often have picked up a smoke-laced tang and so need wines made with more fruity-flavoured white grape varieties for a better match. Gooseberry tasting Sauvignon Blanc and the honey tones of a Colombard go well.

newspaper pileMind you keeping white wines cold while the sun shines and the barbecue radiates heat is tricky, but not insoluble. For a quick and cheap solution, wrap your whites in newspaper soaked in water. As the water evaporates it takes the heat away, so keeping your wine cool for about half an hour. For a longer lasting solution, stand your white wines in a mixture of water and icecubes.

PG Wine Reviews

Sainsbury’s House French Dry White (3 bottle, 2.25 litre box)

£3.83 (equivalent bottle price), £11.50 for 2.25 litres

Simple go with anything flavours of melon, pear and pineapple.

Spar Modesta ViuraSpar Spanish Modesta Viura 2012

£7 Spar

Top stuff. Tastes like non-fizzy champagne with a smoky sausage edge. Very acceptable.

Ventisquero Reserva Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2012

£7.99 Bablake Wines and other independents

Lime flower and light gooseberry flavours. Nice.

Signal Post Australian Chardonnay 2012

£7.49 Co-op

Light apple flavours with a creamy finish.

Spar Terra Ricca Italian Garganega Pinot Grigio 2012

£7.49 Spar

Light lemon, melon and apricot flavours with a cinnamon edge.

Vinas Del Vero Spanish Gerwurztraminer 2012

£12 Ocado

As you would expect from a Gewurztraminer - classic lychee, apple and melon flavours with fantastic aromas of old-fashioned tea rose.

Aldi Champagne Veuve

£12.99 Aldi

Who said you can’t have champagne with a Barbie? Apple sherbet flavours. Simple stuff.

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