Asda launches online Wine Shop

Asda onlineRivalling Tesco Wine by the Case, Morrisons Cellar and Waitrose WineDirect, Asda launches its own online Wine Shop today. With free delivery until the end of the year plus an extra 10% off first orders, this new easy-to-use site is definitely worth a go if you want to order six or more bottles of wine. You won’t find all the wines stocked by their main grocery site but with over 500 wines to choose from initially (more are promised for 2014) the site offers some interesting, if slightly expensive, oddities plus the usual popular brands priced at £5 and under.

Asda Popular BrandsJust click on Popular Brands in the top bar and then use the drop-down Sort By menu to show Price [Low-High] to reveal the site’s nineteen wines priced at £5 or under (happily they’ll all fit on the first of the nine screen displays so no View More clicking is required). Chose from Banrock Station White or Red for £4.50 (useful everyday plonk but not quite as good as it used to be) or spend 50p more on Wolf Blass Vineyard Shiraz or Hardys Stamp Sauvignon Semillon to start off your minimum order of six bottles and multiples of six thereafter.

But why order through the Wine Shop when Asda Groceries offers a very similar service with even more wines to choose from? Because you won’t find such gems as the low alcohol (5.5%), lightly sparkling Moncucco Moscato D’Asti 2011 (£12.47 for 50cl). Type its name straight into the search box at the top of the screen, or filter by Dessert Wine in the seemingly ‘everything else category’ Wine Cellar Selection, to find this marmalade-tasting after dinner or aperitif wine in the posh looking bottle. But confusingly you won’t find it by looking in the Champagne and Sparkling section – which is strange as Moscato D’Asti, and other Asti wines from Italy, are known for being sparkling, that’s their point.

All is not well with the Taste Finder ‘tastes like’ cartoon icons either. Clicking on what I thought was a red apple, I was surprised to find red wines from Rioja plus Cabernet Sauvignons recommended. Now white wines with an acidic, fruity finish was what I was expecting and not deeply fruity reds that taste of plum – which, I discovered afterwards, is what the Taste Finder icon actually represented.

Asda Mix and MatchBut these are quibbles, slightly irritating quibbles nether the less, which are over shadowed by the rest of the extremely simple to use site - try clicking on Mixed Cases to find the Discover the Brand cases of six from Chilean brand Errazuriz (£57.80) or the Campo Viejo Rioja case (£57.94), or use the Mix and Match facility to choose your own selection of six.

PG Wine Reviews

All available through Asda Wine Shop.

La Monda Reserva Chilean Sauvigon Blanc 2013


This is straight gooseberry, and I mean straight gooseberry – fans of Morecombe and Wise will understand what I mean when I say this wine makes you slap the back of your neck.

Moscato D'AstiZalze South African Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2012


Melon and apple pudding with a sprinkle of ginger.

Moncucco Moscato D’Asti 2011


First impressions are all, as the makers of this Asti have proved. Gone is the usual cheap bottle stoppered with a plastic top (as you’d expect to see in other sparkling Asti wines labelled as Spumante) and in comes a reassuringly heavy bottle with a designer label. Result, the wine tastes just as good but you can charge three times as much for it. But it’s worth it. Scrummy stuff.

Stonier Mornington Peninsula Australian Pinot Noir 2010


It’s a nice wine – tasting of cherry and redcurrants with a wood overtone - but is the type of shopper who goes around pushing their full trolley while patting the pocket on the back of their jeans going to buy it? Clearly Asda are aiming their Wine Shop outside their usual Grocery Shopping crowd, as the bottle price for this Aussie Pinot Noir shows.

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