shamrock on glassIt's easy being green. So why not help the Irish along on Saint Patrick's Day next Saturday and pour out some naturally green grape refreshment.

The inherent green coloured tinge of the top selling varieties of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc make them a good choice for an Irish themed day and their versatility means they'll match all manner of party snacks and meals.

Nobilo Sauvignon BlancIf you're planning on serving an Irish stew with some home made soda bread then the accompanying drink choice must really be New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This lemon and gooseberry tasting wine will cut through some of the stew's meaty richness.

But there's more than one way of being green. Look along the wine aisles of your local supermarket and you'll find 'greener' alternatives to glass being used to contain wine. Glass may be recyclable but it's awfully heavy. Wine bottles made of plastic are only half the weight of glass and this means more can be carried in each consignment carried by ship, plane and truck or your car: reducing the number of journeys, fuel and consequent emissions.

And where can you find these environmentally-friendly wines? Supermarkets that's where. Sainsbury's has been selling its own-label Vins De Pays D'Oc in a square-shouldered 1.5-litre plastic bottle for years and Australian wine producer Wolf Blass joined in with its plastic-packaged Green Label range in 2007 (sadly now hard to get hold of but DrinksDirect still sells it). The bottles look so like traditional glass bottles that you won't realise you've chosen a plastic container until you lift one up. It's good to be green.

PG Wine Tips

Sainsbury's Vins de Pays D'Oc Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5-litre plastic bottle

£7.99 (equivalent to £4 for a normal 75cl-sized bottle)

Sainsbury's House Red 1.5-litre plastic bottle

£7.29 (equivalent to £3.64 for a normal 75 cl-sized bottle)

Two-bottles worth of easy drinking fruity red that not only come in handy square shaped plastic bottles (you can pack 'em in tight in the shopping bag with no wasted space) but are stonking good value too. Open and drink within 5 days to get maximum freshness of flavour, after that the air will start to turn the contents to vinegar

Wolf BlassWolf Blass Green Label Chardonnay

£6.77 DrinksDirect (being sold as a Case Deal of 6 for £40.63)

Watch out for the 'Best Before Date' on the bottom of this plastic-bottled wine. The packaging may be a more environmentally-friendly alternative to glass and cork but it won't keep as long – plastic is not a long-term storage solution. So drink now and enjoy rich buttery flavours.