wine glassesIf this week's MatureTimes column has inspired you to hold your own wine tasting then downwload my free wine tasting sheet and get started with these aroma-friendly and slurpable reds and white.

PG Wine Tips

Castelmaure French Corbieres 2011

£6.99 Morrisons

Blackcurrant and chocolate flavours with a tarry liquorice edge. Nice.

Spar GaviSpar Italian Gavi 2011

£6.99 Spar

Mouthwateringly refreshing with lots of lemon and almond flavours plus a steely edge rather like sucking on a pebble. It’s not bad but Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Gavi at £4.99 is better.

Cune Spanish Rioja Crianza 2010

£9.36 Majestic

Choc and cherry.

Finca Spanish Constancia Cosecha 2010

£10.50 Ocado

Flavours of earthy violets plus cherry chocs and plums. Slurpable stuff.

The Cover Drive labelJim Barry Australian The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

£11.49 Morrisons

After you’ve slurped the contents you may want to soak off the label as it’s designed rather like a cigarette card showing a bloke playing cricket in full Edwardian garb. Nice touch. But what about the stuff inside the bottle? Rich and gravy-like with warming blackberry flavours touched with a herby sageness. Rather like port.