wine bottlesSix bottles is the usual required minimum order for many wine buying websites, and with delivery an extra £5 or so, occasional wine buyers are still better served by popping into their local supermarket. But TescoWinebytheCase the every-day wine drinker a real bargain from among its limited-offer bottles sold by the half case.

Click the ‘Special Offers’ tab to find the top best-selling half-price offers on Tesco’s own-brand wines found in-store plus other well-known names like Hardys and Isla Negra.

Tesco Wine by the CasePoor website design means to find the rest of this week’s couple of hundred Special Offers you’ll need to click back on the ‘Homepage’ tab, ‘All Wines’ and then scroll right down to ‘More Options’.

Then sorting the now full offers list even further by ‘Price Low to High’ will display the cheapest bottle deals (starting at £2.34). But remember to add on the £5 delivery fee to calculate the actual ‘get it home’ price. It still may be cheaper to pop down the shops.

WaitroseWineDirectIf your pocket stretches to over £5 a bottle then try WaitroseWineDirect. They don’t have a huge number of deals but their October 25% off offer (ends tomorrow) means the tasty Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon is £5.84 (£7.79 bought in-store).

And if you’re able to stay in for the next 5 days then delivery is free. But should you want to name the delivery day then add on £6.95.

But this doesn’t guarantee the time it will be delivered.

If you’re a regular home delivery grocery shopper then you are going to be rather disappointed with the supermarkets’ wine case service. Because standard delivery doesn’t come with a delivery time.

Pay a whopping £9.95 and WaitroseWineDirect’s Next Working Day Delivery will arrive before 10.30am and use Tesco’s Premium Delivery Service (£6.25) allows you to book a delivery time slot.

But it’s all a bit grudging isn’t it? Come on supermarkets offer your wine case buyers the same delivery slot service given to your grocery customers. After all, they are often the same people.

PG Wine Tips


Chilano Classic Selection Shiraz-Cabernet

£3.80 per bottle (6 bottle case £22.80)

Reliable blend from a big-name brand: hedgerow fruit flavours.

J P Chenet Blanc

£3.80 per bottle (6 bottle case £22.80)

An everyday white from the brand with the bent bottle: fruity citrus flavours and an alcohol content of only 11%.

Isla Negra Chilean Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

£4.26 (6 bottle case £25.56)

Classic Sauvignon Blanc flavours: gooseberry and lime.

Isla Negra Chilean Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

£4.26 (6 bottle case £25.56)

Plum and raspberry flavours.

Arniston Bay South African Pinotage Rosé

£4.55 (6 bottle case £27.30)

Another reliable brand that produces well-made fruity wines with a bit of class. Cherry, plums and rose petals in this rosé.


Yellow Tail Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

£5.24 (12 bottle case £62.88)

Blackcurrant, coconut and mint – a lot going on for five quid.

Concha y Toro Chilean Sunrise Merlot

£5.24 (12 bottle case £62.88)

Rich plum and marjoram flavours. Quaffable.

Finca Flichman Reserve Argentinean Oak Aged Malbec

£5.99 (12 bottle case £71.88)

If it’s a reserve Argentinean and its less than six quid a bottle then buy it. Don’t worry about whether you’ll like it. You will. Complex fruity flavours.

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