Da Luca MerlotTo compete with the smoky tangs of barbecued food you need robustly-flavoured red wines. Match this weekend's burnt offerings to these four cherry and plum tasting blends from Tesco.

PG Wine Tips

Chilano Signature Series Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

£3.99 (down from £4.49 until August 16)

Sour cherry and milk chocolate flavours – it’s rather like drinking a liqueur choc. Yum

Gran Tesoro Spanish Garnacha


Aromas of plum, creamy blackberry, cocoa and Marmite mingle with flavours of cherry and chocolate.

Tesco Claret


LindemansCherry and sloe flavours. A cheap and cheerful red to slurp with burnt burgers.

Rainbow Serpent Australian Shiraz Petit Verdot

£4.99 (down from £6.79 until July 19)

This wine’s blackcurrant and cinnamon flavours would not be out of place in a mulled wine. But these works quite well when matched with the extra flavours of sour cherry and damson.