Tesco MetroTesco may be famous for its groceries but they also dibble and hoe: in 2007 they added Dobbies Garden Centres to their profitable enterprise. But unfortunately none of these sell grape vines. So instead of growing your own Tesco wine you’ll have to make do with buying their ready-made stuff in one of their 270 superstores. But do the 1400 wine lines deserve Tesco’s own label of ‘highly valued brands’?

Well there’s definitely value in their own-label brands with many retailing at under £3.99: Tesco Italian White Merlot £2.99, Tesco Soave £3.29, Tesco Australian Red £3.39 and Tesco Sicilian Red 3-litre box working out at £3.38 equivalent bottle price.

Chateauneuf labelAnd if you’re fond of calculating unit pricing then check out the posh French red wine section while grocery shopping at Tesco.com: Chateaunuef [sic] Du Pape and Gevrey Chambertain are both showing at an equivalent price of £0.00/75cl. Which is good news if you're strong on arguing your rights at the checkout but unfortuntately their true retail price is also shown so the case for £0 per bottle might not be that strong.

But ‘highly valued’? Tesco still have a bit of work to do on this aspect of their business strategy following the ‘fuel binge drinking’ headlines with the Silver Rock £1.11 a bottle Scottish experiment (July 2010). This perfectly quaffable Bulgarian Chardonnay is now showing at £2.99 on their website.

Tesco may be the home of the weary weekly shop but they’re making sure their wine aisles don’t get missed with our trolleys – use their free wine app to get a price for that picture of the bottle you’ve just taken with your mobile phone, or choose their new Simply range ‘to provide easy navigation of some of the classic appellations and varieties around the world’.

With one in every four bottles of wine sold in the UK being bought in a Tesco store they must be doing something right.

Tesco logoPG Tesco Wine Tips

White wines

Tesco Chilean White


Fruity: lemon, apple, melon, pear and apricot.

Tesco New Zealand Fern Bay Sauvignon Blanc


A balanced white wine that’ll match almost any food you care to throw at it. Expect pear, peach and lime with a hint of spinach and toffee. Quaffable.

Tesco Simply German Riesling


Light apple and lemon with a sweet edge. A beginners wine. Nothing complicated and nothing to dislike. Bit expensive though.

Tesco Australian Finest Viognier


Creamy vanilla yoghurt with light apricot flavours.

Red wines

Tesco Value Spanish Red Wine 1-litre, 11% alcohol

£3.00 equivalent price for 75cl (£3.99 1-litre)

Decant to reveal the cherry and strawberry jam flavours. Good value.

Tesco Claret


Cherry and sloe flavours. A cheap and cheerful red.

Tesco Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon


Cherry Tunes aroma and taste with a hint of liquorice and coffee.

Tesco Australian Cabernet Merlot


Simple but quaffable. Black cherry and marzipan aromas with raspberry and redcurrant flavours.

Tesco Finest Sicilian Nero D’Avola

£4.99 (down from £6.99 until October 4th)

A rich and complex red. Black cherry pie filling with extra blackberry and dark chocolate.

Tesco Finest French Malbec 2009


Cherry and bramble fruitiness enhanced with tobacco smoke flavours.

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