champagne frothTop Eight Sparkling Wines of 2012 this week. Which is better situation than in 2012 when there was only enough decent bubbly around to make a top five list, while in 2011 there was such a dearth of the decent stuff that a top sparkling round-up couldn’t be justified. So things are a little better this year. But while we’ve had a Top Ten Whites and Top Ten Reds, and even a Top Ten Under Six Quid, there still wasn’t quite enough tasty fizz this year to make a top ten list. So you’ll have to make do with a top eight instead. And here they are.

Paula’s Top Five Sparkling Wines of 2013


Cloudy Bay New Zealand Pelorus Brut

£26.99 Majestic (buy 2+ bottles for £17.98 each)

A very dry ‘brut’ which makes it a bit too sharp and crisp to drink on its own. So match the woody freshness and fresh bread flavours to your roast turkey or even just to salmon sandwiches.


Marquis Belrive Brut Champagne

£15 Spar (down from £25.99 until 1 January)

This consistently classically nutty tasting champagne hits the spot every time. Enjoy white bread and lemon curd flavours.

Celebris Gosset3

Gosset Grand Rosé Champagne Brut

£60 Berry Bros & Rudd, £59.50 Next Wine

It’s Gosset so it’s gonna come with a hefty price tag. But if you want to impress then the bottle’s curvaceous elegance coupled with refreshing sherbet fizz flavours make this a must-have for champagne lovers and lovers of champagne.


Spar Donacella Cava

£6 Spar (down from £7.99 until 1 January)

A rich and flavourful fizz that could easily be mistaken for an expensive champagne. Creamy Brazil nut and almond butter flavours with an ending of fresh apple and lemon sherbet that stops this wine being too rich to enjoy.


Co-op Fairtrade South African Sparkling Rosé

£7.99 Co-op

Creamy digestive and light damson flavours. A very nice aperitif.


Champagne Veuve Monsigny Brut

£9.99 Aldi

Simple apple sherbet and lime flavours. Lightly fizzy.


Valdo Prosecco Extra Dry

£10.49 Co-op

Tastes like a selection of boiled sweets with a slight sherbet fizz, all backed up with a floral punch. There’s a lot going on in this wine.

heart glass8

I Heart Prosecco Extra Dry

£45 for 6 bottles, equivalent to £7.50 Tesco Wine By The Case (down from £60 for 6)

Delicate nutty flavours. But watch out for that extra dryness, it does take the enamel off your teeth a bit.

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