Aldi Toscana RossoTop Ten Last Minute Christmas Bargains this week. Because, if you’re like me, then you’ve been concentrating on the nosh side of Christmas rather than what wine to match with the roast turkey, the cold turkey, the turkey curry, the mince pies, the puddings, the nuts...yes well. So here are ten wines ranging from Aldi’s £3.99 stonking value Italian red to some posher clarets at over £10 a bottle. And what these wines have in common is that they’re all well worth the money.

Paula’s Top Ten Last Minute Christmas Bargains

In ascending order of price:


Aldi RossoAldi Italian Toscana Rosso 2009

£3.99 Aldi

Not the one labelled just ‘Rosso’ at £2.99 but the bottle with the slightly fancier label containing a distant view of a vineyard and the words ‘Toscana’. And the extra pound hasn’t just gone on the packaging – the wine inside is a step above the average too. Light cherry flavours mixed with chocolate and a touch of liquorice. A nice lot of oomph for the price. Bargain of the Week.


Spar Californian Red

2 for £8 (down from £5.19 until January 2) Spar

A good slurping red with slightly sweet flavours of light cherry, strawberry and raspberry.


The Signal Post Australian Chardonnay 2012

£4.99 (down from £6.49 until January 1) Co-op

A nice light Chardonnay with melon and apple flavours balanced with peach sweetness.

Mountain Edge casks4

Mountain Edge Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2-litre wine ‘cask’ (a cylindrical winebox)

£23.99 for 2-litres (equivalent to £8.99 for 75cl) Inspired Wine

(Enter the voucher code ‘MatureTimes’ when ordering online to get £10 off when you order 2, or £20 off when you order 4. Brings price down to equivalent £7.12 for 75cl)

A very acceptable fresh and elegant Sauvignon Blanc that tastes more French than New World. The usual gooseberry flavours found in Sauvignon Blanc have been reduced to a mere background and the main flavours are pineapple and celery. A wine that will match almost anything and be enjoyed by almost everyone. Comes in some posh packaging that hides the fact that you’re dealing with plastic bag in a cardboard tube. Wine will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.


Mountain Edge Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2011 2-litre wine ‘cask’

£23.99 for 2-litres (equivalent to £8.99 for 75cl) Inspired Wine

(Enter the voucher code ‘MatureTimes’ when ordering online to get £10 off when you order 2, or £20 off when you order 4. Brings price down to equivalent £7.12 for 75cl)

An adaptable wine with flavours of Black Forest gateaux with a hint of crème fraiche. Smooth but not sweet, intense but not rich. Nice.


Maynard’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2008

£8.99 Aldi

It’s very easy to like the rich raisin and muscavado sugar flavours with the fruity addition of blackberries. But the best thing about this fortified wine is its aroma – fresh fennel. Now that’s unusual.

Maynard's Tawny7

Maynard’s 10 years old Aged Tawny Port

£9.99 Aldi

Raisin and milk chocolate flavours with an edge of liquorice. Grown-up sweet stuff.


Co-op Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2010 Les Clefs Croises

£11.99 (down from £15.99 until January 1) Co-op

We’re getting a bit expensive now but this wine is very good. Smooth cherry and raspberry flavours.


Gevrey-Chambertin 2005 French Burgundy Harmand-Geoffroy

£13.90 (37.5cl, equivalent to £27.80 for full-sized bottle)

From the folks who specialise in half bottles of wine, this scarce Burgundy will deliver everything a Pinot Noir lover enjoys: warming medicinal flavours layered through with light almond and raspberry. Open this wine a day before you want to drink it (yes that long) and leave somewhere cool overnight.


Chateau Le Chatelet 2005 French Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

£16.65 (37.5cl, equivalent to £33.30 for full-sized bottle)

Enjoy this wine on its own or with only lightly flavoured foods or the black cherry and marzipan flavours will get rather lost.

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