Da Luca redTop Ten Shiraz of 2015 this week with recommended wines starting at £4.80 and going up to £13.99. Again, as with last week's Top Ten Sauvignon Blancs, no one supermarket or High Street seller dominates – with excellent examples available from Asda, SPAR, Lidl, Majestic and others.

So what can you expect from a Shiraz? Well it's a fruity red that tastes of both blackcurrant and plum, and if the grapes used to make the wine have been grown somewhere warm (say Australia) then the flavour can exhibit spicy flavours like liquorice and black pepper – which do have an unfortunate tendency to come across a bit like burnt rubber in some South African Shiraz.

Cooler climate Shiraz, as well as being spelt Syrah (no-one quite knows which spelling is the original and which the corrupted version), can taste more lightly of raspberry and redcurrant.

All in all Shiraz (or Syrah) is a red that deserves matching to your best meat and gravy dishes as well as anything to do with chocolate.

Well here they are in ascending order of price.

Sainsbury's ShirazTop Ten Shiraz of 2015


Viña Maipo Chilean Shiraz 2014

£4.80 Ocado, £4.80 Tesco Wine by the Case (as a case of 6 at £28.80)

A middle-weight Shiraz with flavours of creamy cherry, sharp redcurrant and mocha.


Asda Extra Special French Shiraz 2013

£5 Asda

Flavours of blackberry and redcurrant jelly along with some strawberry and raspberry. A light and fruity example.


Animo Chilean Shiraz Reserva 2013

£5.99 Ocado (down from £11.99 until December 8)

Aromas and flavours of fresh blackcurrant with a hearty dash of liquorice.


SPAR South African Shiraz Reserve 2013

£5.99 SPAR

Spicy cherry and raspberry.


Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Australian Shiraz 2013

£6 Tesco

Damson cream, raspberry and coffee flavours.


Les Jamelles French Syrah 2013

£6.99 Co-op

A really good wine for the price with lots going on: spicy blackberry, sweet pepper, violets and cherry.


The Lioness Shiraz, Australia 2012

£8.99 Co-op (down from £9.99 until November 24)

Black cherry, milky coffee and star anise.


Waitrose Barossa Shiraz Reserve 2012, Australia

£9.59 Waitrose (down from £11.99 until December 8)

Plum and spice flavours.


Mister Shiraz 2013, Chile

£9.99 Majestic

Spicy and peppery. A decent Shiraz.


Villa Maria New Zealand Private Bin Syrah 2011

£13.99 Majestic

Damson, black pepper and sweet pepper.

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