VineyardTop Ten White Wines over £6 of 2014 this week. There will also be a Paula’s Top Ten Red Wine choices over £6 of 2014. But no Top Ten Rosés, Sparkling Wines or After Dinner wines. Because this year has seen a dearth of great tasting and great value wines that are a delightful pink colour and an even greater lack of wines to match the cheese and nuts course. But slurpable whites at a reasonable price there have been, in abundance - which made it very hard to knock the list back to just the top ten. But here they are ranging in price from £6.49 to £11.10 listed in ascending order of price.

Top Ten Whites over £6 of 2014

Spar Gavi1

Morrisons Chilean Chardonnay

£6.49 Morrisons

Balanced creamy-sour flavours of apple, pineapple and lemon. Very good.


Linda Mora Argentinean Torrontes 2013

£6.99 Co-op

Both floral and refreshing. Fragrant pear, orange blossom and melon.


Aldi Exquisite Collection Australian Riesling 2013

£6.99 Aldi

A high quality wine with flavours of apple, lime and coconut.

Co-op Viognier4

Indomita Chilean Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2013

£7.49 Co-op

Light gooseberry, lemon and celery astringency initially, turning creamy with hints of elderflower later.


Curator's Choice South African Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier 2013

£7.99 Co-op

Mandarin flavours, plus apple and honey. An interesting blend.


Co-op Truly Irresistible French  Viognier 2013

£8.99 Co-op

A complex white with long flavours of ripe pears, melon, lime and gooseberry. Oh and grape. Nice.


Chateau Le Bernet French Graves 2013

£9 Sainsbury's

Slightly smoky orange and apple flavours. Very nice.

Villa Maria Riesling8

Casa Planeta Sicilian Greccanico Chardonnay 2013

£9.99 Co-op

Flavours of fluffy baked apples initially followed by sharp pineapple and ending with bubblegum. Complex.


Finca Constancia Parcela Spanish Verdejo 2012

£10.99 Oxford Wine Company, Cambridge Wine Merchants

Like an apricot sponge pudding.


Chateau de Parenchere French Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2013

£11.10 Peter Osborne

Sophisticated flavours of melon, apple and lemon.

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