Twitter huxelrebeTraditionally the first anniversary is marked by paper. But as Twitter is electronic, a 140 character message (or Tweet) will have to suffice. Because it’s been a year since @Huxelrebe joined the social networking community and tweeted daily wine tasting notes and her views on screwcaps versus corks. But Twitter is also about interacting with other wine enthusiasts and sharing ideas. But does the reality live up to the ideals?

Yes on the whole. But it takes a little while to happen.

Twitter is a way for a large bunch of people to talk to one another online. And, just as in the real world, shared interests bring them together. So wine nerds, I mean enthusiasts, interact with others of like mind who want to know what wine matches certain foods and who’s got the best deal down Boston High Street. That’s Boston Lincolnshire as well as Boston Massachusetts.

Twitter messageBecause Twitter users are world-wide. Which makes it easy for your 140 character message (that’s all your allowed) to get missed, or misinterpreted, by wine enthusiasts in different time zones who (nominally) speak English but use a whole host of different abbreviations and slang words.

So start by ‘following’ (that’s Twitter language for reading messages from the people you chose) UK wine writers, sellers, brand names, magazines and individuals who like their wine and nosh and just want to tell you about it, before going abroad.

And once you start following them, they start following you back (if you have something of interest to say that is). And that’s when the Twitter conversations start. About a week or two after you start if your experience matches mine.

Twiiter sign inIt’s free and relatively easy to follow me at but you’ll need to create a Twitter account first. Just click on Sign Up on the Twitter homepage and fill in the online form.

TwitterWho else can you follow on Twitter?

Jancis Robinson, the wine writer and TV presenter

Majestic Wine, the High Street wine seller

Tanners Wines, an independent wine seller

Decanter, wine magazine

Bluebell Vineyard, what’s happening at the East Sussex vineyard

Simon Woods, a wine inspirer

Vinoroma, views on the Italian wine scene

David Lowe, wine-obsessed geek (his description)

Misahn Bootay, wine news from a cynical American

Markus Stolz, Greek wine insider

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