clockThere's no wine in the house and with only ten minutes to go before the food is ready what can you do? Buying the meal-matching wine from the local village shop or corner convenience store is the best strategy when time is limited.

bottlesSmall independent shops may only stock around the fifth of the range on offer in supermarkets but you'll still be able to choose a reasonably priced and tasting wine from one of the 20 or 30 on offer.

The choice will be limited to brands you've probably never heard of but are cheap, or reliable big-name brands like South Africa's Kumala and Californian blends from Gallo and Blossom Hill that will cost around £7 a bottle – always expect to pay a couple of pounds more than you would if buying the bottle from Tesco or Sainsbury's.

Chosen for their ability to sell quickly and appeal to as many customers as possible, these bulk-bottle wines offer pleasant freshness with a light fruity taste that will match almost any dish.

The small shop owner will never be a source of specialist wines but what stock there is will match most of their customers' meals, whether that's slow-cooked braised beef or take-away haddock and chips.

PG Wine Tips

bottlesSpar Australian Chardonnay Semillon

An easy-drinking Chardonnay blend that tastes of lemon, lime and apples.

Spar Australian Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

A complex red that comes cheap at the price – expect blackberry fruitiness mixed with caramel, tobacco and burnt toast flavours. And for your added entertainment the wine smells like gravy mixed with Imperial Leather soap.

Alexander Fontein South African Shiraz
£7.99 Spar

There’s an immense amount of taste packed into this wine. So if you like you wine to taste of smoky liquorice with a cocoa edge then this is the wine for you. This wine needs matching with meat, and lots of it.