woman drinking roseFinally scientists have finally found something to celebrate about the female condition. It seems women who drink wine put on fewer pounds than teetotallers of the same sex. So you can tuck into a couple of glasses of wine every night and still stay slim. There are a couple of provisos: limiting yourself to drinking two glasses a night and those glasses should contain red wine.

Women can drink white wine, beer and spirits and not gain much weight, but the American study found that red wine drinkers gained the least.

So what’s going on?

Although wine contains calories, the US researchers believe the 19,000 women in the study may have substituted it for other food.

bouillabaiseAt the start of the 13 year study all the late 30s and older women volunteers were of normal weight. As the study progressed all gained some weight, but the red wine drinkers gained the least while just over forty per cent of the non-drinkers became overweight or obese.

The study concluded that the alcohol absenters gained the most weight while moderate drinkers gained the least.

It seems the women in the study who scoffed wine had little room left for scoffing food, so their overall calorie intake did not go up very much.

Unfortunately the scientists believe the findings may not apply to men. When men drink they tend not substitute wine for food but consume both.tapas

Which is a shame because now there’s no excuse for not sharing an evening’s bottle of red but it could be an excuse for an unequal sized serving of the plates of nosh.

PG Wine Tips

£3.99 and under

There are still some good bottles to be found that cost the same as a couple of National Lottery tickets.

Aldi South African Cambalala Cabernet Sauvignon Pinotage


Blackberry, plum and liquorice flavour. At 14% there’ll be quite a bit of alcohol in each glass so go careful.

Aldi South African Cambalala Pinotage Shiraz


Another alcohol whopper with 14% alcohol by volume, but light flavours of creamy blackcurrant and blackberry.

£5.99 and under

There are a few fruity, slurpable wines among the forgettable masses.

Barefoot Californian Pinot Grigio

£4.79 Tesco (down from £6.29 until April 19)

Pinot Grigio white wines can be quite bland, but this one isn’t. Peach and grapefruit flavours are a match to stir fries and battered fish.

Il Papavero Italian Vino Rosso

£5.99 Laithwaites (Minimum order 6 bottles at £35.94)

A good quaffing wine that’ll match almost any meal, perhaps that’s why it’s Laithwaites biggest seller. Juicy blackberry, cherry and damson flavours with a hint of violets.

Costs a bit more, but tastes great

Sometimes a bottle of wine tastes so fab it's still a bargain whatever it costs.

Jacob’s Creek Australian Shiraz Cabernet

£7.19 Waitrose

A well-known brand that you’ll find in most supermarkets but surprisingly Waitrose is the cheapest source for the Shiraz Cabernet red. Quite complex with blackcurrant and crème fraîche flavours with an ending of freshly ground black pepper and mint.

The Black Stump Australian Chardonnay Pinot Grigio

£7.49 Laithwaites (Minimum order 6 bottles at £44.94)

A very melony tasting white wine with a bit of apple and lime flavour thrown in.

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