English wine needs Saint George

Saint GeorgeIt would be really handy if rather than just celebrating the life, and death, of Saint George on April 23rd, we could actually still have him in full working order. He defeated one piece of unwelcome wildlife for us 1800 years ago and now Britain's wine and gardening enthusiasts need his help again to defeat a nasty Asian invader - harlequin ladybirds have been spotted in eastern-England.

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Wedding champagnes

champagne topWill and Kate have settled on Pol Roger as the champagne of choice for their wedding. It's a pretty good brand, after all it was Winston Churchill's favourite house fizz, but there are other champagnes around to help celebrate any occasion including nuptials.

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A quiet night in for Will and Kate

wedding cake coupleIt's Will and Kate’s wedding next Friday and after a busy couple of weeks organising things, the happy royal couple surely deserve a quiet night in alone on the 29th.

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Bargains in Hangzhou

Great Wall wine"Very acceptable" is how's roving reporter described the 31.5 yuan Great Wall Dry Red purchased from a Chinese supermarket in Hangzhou. That's just £3 for what appears to be a well-made quaffable cabernet sauvignon, what a bargain. But is it?

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Wine of the month

Errazuriz labelErrazuriz Chilean Max Reserva Merlot is an absolute cracker of a wine and is not only Wine of the Month but shortlisted for Paula’s Wines of the Year 2011.

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Wine for Easter eggs

Easter eggEaster means eggs. Chocolate eggs. And there are lots out there in the shops at the moment. Dark chocolate eggs, milk chocolate eggs, eggs filled with Smarties and even chocolate eggs filled with liqueur chocolates. But come the final egg count this Sunday there will be two important questions to answer: “Which one to unwrap first?”, and “What wine will match all that chocolate?”.

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Wine labels affect taste

pouring wineChanging the wine label affects not only the opinion of restaurant wine but also the opinion of the food served with it according to an American study.

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Co-op wines of the week

Coop logoTest out some of the bargains from the Co-op listed below. Including a red wine that tastes like a tomato and the Bargain of the Week.

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Wine for Chinese food

wine in glassesChopsticks leave me fumbling, but that won’t stop me devouring Chinese food. Unfortunately cooking my own stir fries is a bit of problem as we don’t have mains gas. All cooking must be done on an electric hob and my round-bottomed wok just doesn't work well on that. So when I fancy sweet and sour pork balls I place an order at the local take-away, then pop next door to the off-licence and pick up a suitable bottle of wine.

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How to win wine and influence people

listWhen was the last time you didn't have to pay for your wine? Round about the the month of December I'll bet. Wine lovers often get bottles of wine as Christmas presents and I was no exception. My gift bottle tasted delicious but I won't be replacing it using my own money as it is just too expensive. In the 2011 economy drive I need to find another way of boosting the wine rack contents for free. And I've found the answer – entering competitions.

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