Part II: Lidl Wine Cellar review

Lidl logoLast week I reviewed the more expensive wines (ranging from £14.99 down to £7.99) of Lidl's recent additions to its Wine Cellar range – and this week I promised a look at the £5.99 and £4.99 wines from this latest launch. All French and all pretty good as it turns out – but are they value for money?

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Part I: Lidl Wine Cellar review

Lidl logoLidl have added even more wines to their Wine Cellar range – 40 French wines ranging in price from £4.99 for a pale pink rosé, to £14.99 for a champagne and a red from a named Bordeaux chateau. Wines added earlier in the year to the same range hailed from all over the world and proved to be pretty good, and in one instance out right spectacular – but how will they taste this time?

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What to do at a wine class

classroomTerm is starting for the children, and in a few weeks time it’ll be the adults’ turn. Evening classes begin in September and it’s not all about beginner’s French. Wine tasting is still being offered by many local education authorities and if you’re lucky the course will be taught by a wine tutor who is knowledgeable and understands you’ll be nervous when you first arrive.

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Bank Holiday beers

beer in glassIt’s going to be a settled and slightly breezy Bank Holiday according to The Met Office. So why not get out and enjoy the last of the vague summer warmth with a picnic? A picnic with a difference that is. Instead of sipping wine with your sandwiches, why not get in a couple of beers instead. There are a host of different beers out there and many make exciting choices for summer sarnies.

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It's Pimm's but not as we know it

Pimms and jugJames Pimm, owner of an oyster bar in Victorian London, designed his Original drink to wash down the oysters. This house blend, known as a ‘cup’, included ingredients common to many bars or pubs - gin, soda, lemon, sugar, quinine and spices. What these ‘spices’ actually are is still a trade secret, supposedly known to only six people, but probably includes Seville (bitter) orange peel, cloves and cinnamon; giving Pimm’s Original Cup a taste of orange, Madiera cake and milk chocolate.

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Pink-hued and pretty tasty

3 bottlesChilled rosés are light, but still flavourful, and are ideal for sipping on a hot day. That's why more rosé wines are sold during the summer than at any other time of the year. So you'd think picking up a reasonably priced and tasty bottle of rosé would be easy. Not so. Of the bottles tasted for this column, less than half came up to scratch.

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Red wine reduced to ashes

Barbecue manBarbecues and delicate wines don't go together. To compete with the rich smells and flavours of barbecued food you need a wine that tastes of berry fruit and chocolate. So what's needed are robustly-flavoured reds.

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Barbecues need white wine

Barbecue man and women lookingBarbecued red meat and robustly-flavoured red wines are well matched. But where are we white wine drinkers in this mass of red? The lighter tasting flavours of white wines go well with barbecued fish, chicken, vegetable kebabs and salads. These foods will often have picked up a smoke-laced tang and so need wines made with more fruity-flavoured white grape varieties for a better match. Gooseberry tasting Sauvignon Blanc and the honey tones of a Colombard go well.

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Here comes summer (hopefully)

the sunSummer is now officially here and with it the hope of sultry days and the need for a cooling drink. So now’s the time to choose chilled whites as these make a good choice for wine lovers looking for refreshment.

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Women stay slim on wine

woman drinking wineFinally scientists have finally found something to celebrate about the female condition. It seems women who drink wine put on fewer pounds than teetotallers of the same sex. So you can tuck into a couple of glasses of wine every night and still stay slim. There are a couple of provisos: limiting yourself to drinking two glasses a night and those glasses should contain red wine.

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