bottles of wineChoosing a gift for next Sunday's Father's Day is never that easy for sons and daughters, of whatever age. I'm sure you'll not complain when you receive the usual power tool or tankard, but it would be nice to get something rather more personalised wouldn't it? So why not help your children along by dropping subtle, or not, hints that a bottle or two of your favourite wine would be much appreciated.

Their urge to buy some high-strength and high-tannin red wine will be strong – don't try to divert this but direct it either towards something really, really expensive (after all you're worth it aren't you?), or a bottle of easier drinking French Claret or Aussie Shiraz you know only you will enjoy.

You could direct your offspring towards a more unusual choice, a substantial rosé perhaps.

rose wine and glassRosés drunk straight from the fridge provide a refreshing drink, but dark coloured rosés that could be mistaken for a light red need to be treated differently to taste them at their best. One rosé that’s better served slightly cool rather than chillingly cold is Marks and Spencer’s Gascogne rosé.

First impressions don’t count, especially when they’re formed after being in the fridge for an hour. By then rosé wines will have reached their supposedly optimum serving temperature of 8 degrees Centigrade. At this temperature the M&S French Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot rosé tasted of watery strawberry.

But half an hour of room warming transformed not only the temperature of the wine (raising it above 10°C) but also its flavour. More substantial notes of strawberry cut through with a grind of black pepper could now be enjoyed, even through a robust meal of chilli con carne.

Darker hued rosés need to be treated with respect and served at a cool temperature - perfect for red wine lovers who want a rosé.

PG Wine Review

Isla Negra Chilean Reserve Cabernet Rosé

£4.99 Tesco (down from £9.99 until June 16)

Berries and cherries.

Vina Albali Spanish Tempranillo Rosé

£5.99 Morrisons

More of a light red than a rosé with its creamy strawberry, blackberry and cherry flavours.

Gonalzez Byass Altozano Tempranillo Syrah Rosé 2012

£5.99 Ocado (down from £7.99 until June 11)

This smells like a light red but tastes like a white wine – expect predominantly lemon and almond flavours with a dash of strawberry.

Wolf Blass Australian Yellow Label Rosé

£6.50 Asda

More of a red than a rosé with plum and spice flavours.

Co-op South African Fairtrade Sparkling Rosé

£7.99 Co-op

A very nice wine indeed with flavours of creamy digestive mixed with light damson, all based in a sparkling.

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