Great Wall wine"Very acceptable" is how's roving reporter described the 31.5 yuan Great Wall Dry Red purchased from a Chinese supermarket in Hangzhou. That's just £3 for what appears to be a well-made quaffable cabernet sauvignon, what a bargain. But is it?

When a simple Chinese takeaway meal of a bowl of rice with meat topping costs just a pound in Hangzhou then paying three times as much for the wine seems rather extravagant. In the eyes of a typical Chinese supermarket shopper that 31.5 yuan bottle costs about the equivalent of £15. Not such a bargain after all.

Great Wall wineBut it is if you are a British shopper who requires some liquid sustenance after a hard days sight seeing.

Should you want to trade up then the Great Wall wine range can offer you something a little more classy at 78 yuan (£7) and there's even another bargain basement wine at 35.9 yuan (£3.36) for that last day in China when you're scratching around for local currency.