man with umbrellaIf April's supermarket wine offers have inspired you to organise your own wine tasting at home, then why not use my free wine tasting sheet to record where you bought it and for how much plus what the bottle label says so that if you like the wine you’ll have a good chance of finding exactly the same, or a similar type, again.

sniffing wineOnce you’ve written all that down you’ll finally pour the wine. Give it a sniff so you can make a note of its aroma and then sip and taste. There are no right or wrong words for the aroma and taste – write down whatever you think the wine smells and tastes of even if that's home-made custard or Persil washing up liquid.

milk jugNot sure what wines to get for the tasting? Then try these aroma-friendly and slurpable bargains.

PG Wines for a Tasting

£3.99 and under

There are still some good bottles to be found that cost the same as a couple of National Lottery tickets.

Asda Australian White Wine

£3.84 Asda

Fresh, fruity, and floral. Do you get lemon, melon and white rose?

Asda Spanish Tempranillo

£3.93 Asda

Flavours of plum, cherry, strawberry and the taste from sucking on the end of a pencil. Needs grub.

£5.99 and under

There are a few fruity, slurpable wines among the forgettable masses.

Lindemans ChardonnayLindemans Australian Bin 65 Chardonnay

£5 Tesco (down from £7.99 until April 30) and Ocado

No subtlety here: very oaky with tropical fruit flavours.

Hardys Australian Stamp Shiraz Cabernet

£5.19 Sainsbury’s (down from £7.79 until April 24)

Cherry yoghurt flavours – well that’s what I get, how about you?

Costs a bit more, but tastes great

Sometimes a bottle of wine tastes so fab it's still a bargain whatever it costs.

Beronia RiojaBeronia Spanish Dos Maderas Crianza

£6.99 Ocado (down from £9.99 until May 8)

A classic Rioja with flavours of blackberries, chocolate, liquorice and cake spice. Slurp.

Gonzalez Byass Oloroso Abocado Sherry

£10.69 Sainsbury’s (down from £12.69 until April 17)

Nuts, figs, toffee and a lot, lot more going on besides. You wanted something to fill up the entire tasting sheet didn’t you?

If you enjoyed using my tasting sheet why not have a go at organising a Twitter wine tasting?

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Septima MalbecWine isn't a natural match to chocolate. Its mouth-coating intenseness can overwhelm many wines. And choose unwisely and both wine and chocolate will clash leaving behind an unpleasant metallic taste. But there are wines that harmonise wonderfully with both dark and milk chocolate.

Aldi Kooliburra ChardonnayThe post-Budget price rise of 10 pence a bottle still hasn’t stopped Aldi’s Budavar Hungarian Chardonnay being the best tasting and best value supermarket white currently around: £3.29 for fruitily-fresh apple, pear and melon flavours with a bit of bubblegum thrown in is such stonking value that you’ll wonder why you have to pay any more. But if you want more choice then I’m afraid you’ll have to.

clock changeThe move into British Summer Time always leaves me time disorientated but by 7pm this evening I know my system will have accepted the change – I can now listen to The Archers and admire the colour of a glass of lightly chilled white wine without needing to put the light on.