Coop logoSummer is now officially here and with it the hope of sultry days and the need for a cooling drink. So now’s the time to choose Co-op own-label chilled whites as these make a good choice for wine lovers looking for refreshment.

PG Wine Tips

Coop sparklingCo-op Argentine Fairtrade Pinot Grigio


Peach, pears, pineapples and apricots are all there in the aroma and in the taste too. A flavourful Pinot Grigio.

Co-op French St. Gabriel Viognier

£6.49 (down from £7.99 until June 21st)

Open this wine at least 15 minutes before you need it as the flavours take a bit of time to sort themselves out. Expect melon and sherbet fizz with some pear drops and vanilla flavours.

Cooop Sauvignon BlancCo-op Chilean Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc

£6.49 (down from £7.99 until June 21st)

Gooseberry and celery flavours. Fresh with a creamy edge.

Co-op Chilean Reserva Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc


Buttery lemon, lime and grapefruit. Slurpable.

rose and glassChoosing a gift for next Sunday's Father's Day is never that easy for sons and daughters, of whatever age. I'm sure you'll not complain when you receive the usual power tool or tankard, but it would be nice to get something rather more personalised wouldn't it? So why not help your children along by dropping subtle hints that a bottle or two of a more unusual choice, a substantial rosé perhaps, would be much appreciated.

champagne corkShake a bottle of champagne before you open it and, inevitably, the cork will fly out of the bottle. With luck it won’t hit a piece of priceless china or take someone’s eye out. Because opening a bottle of fizzy wine can be a dangerous business.

Champagne topBefore you get to Le Mans, put in some practice opening these tasty bottles of champagne - all on special offer.