wine in glassesChopsticks leave me fumbling, but that won’t stop me devouring Chinese food. Unfortunately cooking my own stir fries is a bit of problem as we don’t have mains gas. All cooking must be done on an electric hob and my round-bottomed wok just doesn't work well on that. So when I fancy sweet and sour pork balls I place an order at the local take-away, then pop next door to the off-licence and pick up a suitable bottle of wine.

Blue Nun RieslingThis is usually a bottle of German white – the naturally sweet-sour flavours of Riesling, Müller-Thurgau or Gewürztraminer work best with Chinese food. Open one of these wines and your nose is assaulted with honey, elderflower and pineapple. Overpowering for many, such a complex mix can easily swamp the delicate scents of vegetarian Chinese dishes. For these choose a wine that is still slightly sweet but less complex and rosé wine makes a surprisingly good match.

Spring rolls with bean sprouts or noodles in sesame sauce all compliment the strawberry flavours of a classic Anjou rosé, while the raspberry aromas commonly found in Merlot rosés enhances both dim sum and mushroom dishes.

listWhen was the last time you didn't have to pay for your wine? Round about the the month of December I'll bet. Wine lovers often get bottles of wine as Christmas presents and I was no exception. My gift bottle tasted delicious but I won't be replacing it using my own money as it is just too expensive. In the 2011 economy drive I need to find another way of boosting the wine rack contents for free. And I've found the answer – entering competitions.

corkPulling the cork from a bottle of wine and hearing its satisfying 'pop' is a pleasurable tradition, so I'm told. Getting at and removing a cork ought to be easy: just insert the corkscrew into the cork and pull. Instead, more often than not, I see the cork tear and crumble as I heave on the corkscrew. The cork seems out to frustrate our primary goal - drinking the contents of the bottle.

woman drinking roseFinally scientists have finally found something to celebrate about the female condition. It seems women who drink wine put on fewer pounds than teetotallers of the same sex. So you can tuck into a couple of glasses of wine every night and still stay slim. There are a couple of provisos: limiting yourself to drinking two glasses a night and those glasses should contain red wine.