Santa ClausThe clocks still say it's British Summer Time but already I've seen my first Christmas-related TV advert and the wine, whisky and liqueur producers are inundating me with news of their products hoping I'll mention them in my column. But there are some who won't succumb to the early Christmas frenzy. Good on you whoever you are.

old manAged over 50 and a wine drinker? Then feel aggrieved, feel very aggrieved. Up until now, the over 50s wine drinker has been more or less ignored by the wine industry as you’ve been perceived as neither an exciting or valuable market segment. However demographic changes are forcing a wholesale change in attitudes.

wine tasting sheetIf your evening class in Wine Appreciation has inspired you to organise your own wine tasting at home, then why not use my free wine tasting sheet? It'll help keep track of all the wines you taste. Comments and criticisms on its design from the many wine tasting students who have used it during my wine courses has left a, hopefully, user-friendly A4 landscape wine tasting sheet.

somerfield wine aisleRummage among the bottom shelves of supermarket wine aisles and you’ll find cheaper own-label wines that taste just as good as any expensive named chateau – it’s not unusual for big-name wine firms to fill a supermarket’s bottles with their spare wine. The result is a cut-price high-quality wine grown and bottled by a top vineyard but hidden behind a familiar supermarket logo.